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April 11, 2001 will always be remembered as the day of the worst football disaster in the history of the country's game.43 people were crushed to death in a match between Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates which was already underway when scores of people were still pouring in the 60,000 capacity Ellis Park Stadium. Some reports suggested a further 30,000 fans were still trying to gain entry to the stadium. Reports also suggest that 120,000 fans were admitted into the stadium. An Orlando Pirates equalizer sparked a further surge by the fans trying to gain entry as they scrambled to see what had happened. Ten years earlier, in 1991, 42 people died at the Oppenheimer Stadium in Orkney outside Klerksdorp in the North West Province when too many fans were admitted resulting in a stampede. Later the Commission of Inquiry was instituted for Ellis Park disaster headed by Judge President, Bernard Ngoepe and Advocate Semenya



Meanwhile here are other major football disasters in Africa


1971 - Cairo, Egypt - Crowds attempting to enter a match at Zamalek Stadium break down barriers and a wall, leading to 48 deaths and 50 injuries.


1982 - Algiers, Algeria - A concrete roof at a stadium collapses, killing 10 spectators.


1996 - Lusaka, Zambia - Nine soccer fans were crushed to death and 78 others injured during a stampede following Zambia's victory over Sudan in a World Cup qualifying game.



1997 - Lagos, Nigeria - Five fans were crushed to death and more than a dozen were hospitalised when, following Nigeria's 2-1 World Cup qualifying victory over Egypt, the crowd of 40,000 head for exits only to find three of the five main gates locked.


2000 - Monrovia, Liberia - Three people suffocated to death and others were injured as thousands of fans forced their way into an overcrowded stadium for a World Cup qualifier between Liberia and Chad.


2000 - Harare, Zimbabwe - 13 fans died after police fired tear gas into a crowd estimated at 50,000 to quell growing unruliness. The fans were killed in the stampede exiting the stadium.


2001 - Johannesburg, South Africa - At least 43 people were killed, including two children, and 155 injured during a league match between Kaiser Chiefs and Orlando Pirates at an overcrowded soccer stadium. People outside tried to push into Ellis Park stadium and were trapped against barbed wire. Police had earlier fired tear gas at people stampeding outside the stadium.


April 29, 2001 - Lubumbashi, Congo: seven people are crushed to death in a stampede after police fired tear gas into unruly crowd.


May 9, 2001 - Accra, Ghana: at least 123 people died in a stampede after police fired tear gas into the stands in response to fans who threw bottles and chairs on the field.


Oct. 11, 2004 - Lome, Togo: four people are killed and another eight injured during a stampede at the end of a World Cup qualifier between Togo and Mali. A power outage shut down the lights and prompted panicking fans to run for the exits.


June 3, 2007 - Lusaka, Zambia: 12 fans are crushed to death as a crowd rushes from the stadium after Zambia's victory in an African Cup qualifier against Republic of Congo.


March 29, 2009 - Abidjan, Ivory Coast: thousands of fans pushing to get into a game between Ivory Coast and Malawi set off a stampede that killed 19 people and injured more than 100.


Feb. 1, 2012-Port Said, Egypt; Egyptian state TV says at least 73 were killed as fans of rival teams Al-Masry and Al-Ahly rushed the field following Al-Masry's 3-1 upset victory. Fans hurled stones and sticks at each other, sparking a stampede.






In the wake of Fabrice Muamba's cardiac arrest while playing for Bolton Wanderers against Tottenham Hotspur in an FA Cup match, questions have been raised on how often should tests be carried out on players.

Fabrice Ndala Muamba was born on April 6 1988 in Zairian capital Kinshasa now called the Democratic Republic of Congo. His father, Marcel, worked for the regime of former Zaire president Mobutu Sese Seko, who was overthrown in 1997. Hunted by anti-Mobutu forces during one of the bloodiest civil wars in modern history, Marcel was forced to flee the country. His wife, Gertrude, and four children were taken in by his brother. But they also had to leave when Muamba's uncle was killed.

A talented young man with a dream to one day earning a doctorate, he arrived in England speaking not a single English word. He nonetheless went on to achieve 10 GCSEs and A-levels in English, French and Mathematics. He has ambitions to one day become an accountant and be referred to as 'Dr Muamba'. The English paper, The Daily Mail, reports that Muamba has more qualifications than any of his Bolton Wanderers teammates.

Below is a Wikipedia list of footballers who died while playing a game, or died from injuries sustained while playing.






13 January 1889

William Cropper



Suffered a ruptured bowel in a match against Grimsby Town and died the next day.

11 January 1892

James "Daddy" Dunlop


St Mirren

In a friendly game against Abercorn, he fell on a piece of glass which led to tetanus setting in; he died ten days later at the age of 21.

25 May 1896

James Logan


Loughborough F.C.

Pneumonia relapse caught while playing.

29 November 1896

Joe Powell


Woolwich Arsenal

Blood poisoning and tetanus after breaking his arm against Kettering Town in 1896.


James Collins

Sheppey United

Tetanus caused by on-field injury.

27 August 1902

Di Jones


Manchester City

A gash to the knee turned septic, resulting in his death.

27 October 1906

David "Soldier" Wilson


Leeds City

Suffered a heart attack while playing against Burnley, probably caused by heavy smoking. He attempted to return to the field of play even when in great pain.

8 April 1907

Tommy Blackstock


Manchester United

Collapsed after heading a ball in a game against St. Helens and died.


Frank Levick


Sheffield United

Frank broke his collar bone while playing for Sheffield United against Newcastle United on New Year’s Day 1908. While recovering from the injury he contracted a cold which developed into pneumonia. A Dr Selby of Attercliffe (Sheffield) who attended Frank gave the cause of death as heart failure as a result of pneumonia. Frank died at 13.40pm on 1 February 1908 at his father's house on 125 Plumpers Road Tinsley Sheffield

29 December 1909

James Main



During a Christmas Day match in 1909 when Hibs played Partick Thistle at Firhill on a frostbound pitch, Jimmy Main received fatal stomach injuries following a collision with a Thistle player. He died 4 days later.

19 February 1916

Bob Benson



Died of a burst blood vessel following a wartime game against Reading.

7 January 1921

Horace Fairhurst



Suffered a head injury in a league game at Barnsley in December 1920; died as a result of his injury early in the new year.

22 May 1921

Nikola Gazdiæ

Hajduk Split

Young forward died of late stage tuberculosis after an epic performance against Graðanski Zagreb, Hajduk's greatest rival at the time.

11 November 1923

Tom Butler

Port Vale

Died from tetanus eight days after fracturing (breaking) his arm in a match.

4 April 1927

Albert Van Coile


Cercle Brugge

Suffered a perforated bowel after a collision with an opponent. Died one day later.

3 May 1927

David Arellano



Suffered peritonitis after being hit by an opposing player during the match. Shortly after the incident Arellano was brought to a nearby clinic where he ultimately died.

30 April 1927

Sam Wynne



Collapsed and died on the field of pneumonia during a match against Sheffield United, although Bury claim it was a cerebral hemorrhage.

5 September 1931

John Thomson



Injured during an Old Firm match when he dived for the ball and suffered a fractured skull in an accidental collision with Rangers' Sam English. He died that same evening.

17 June 1933

Jon Kristbjornsson



A goalkeeper who collided with a striker from KR Reykjavik and suffered a head injury in the last game of the Icelandic League on 13. June 1933. Was taken to hospital, where he died from his injuries on 17 June 1933.

1 December 1934

Sim Raleigh



Died after a clash of heads with Brighton & Hove Albion's Paul Mooney in a game, who subsequently retired.

5 February 1936

Jimmy Thorpe



A diabetic, the goalkeeper collapsed into a coma from which he never recovered, attributed to the rough treatment he received on the pitch in a game against Chelsea. His death lead to the rule that players were no longer able to kick the ball out of the goalkeeper's arms.

1 April 1951




Collapsed during a match. Death attributed to stomach congestion.

14 July 1963

Constantin Tabarcea


Petrolul Ploieºti

Collapsed during a match. Death attributed to unusual activity of the thymus gland.

25 February 1967

Tony Allden

Highgate United

Struck by lightning during an FA Amateur Cup quarterfinal against Enfield.

1 July 1973

Nikola Mantov


FK Osogovo

Collapsed and died of a heart attack in the 10th minute of a league game against FAS 11 Oktomvri.

16 December 1973



F.C. Porto

Collapsed and died of a heart attack during a league game.

18 May 1977

Tony Aveyard



Head injuries received during match.

30 October 1977

Renato Curi



Suffered a heart attack while playing in a Serie A match against Juventus. Perugia's ground is named after him.

23 September 1984

Erik Jongbloed

DWS Amsterdam

Struck by lightning during an exhibition game.
Son of
Jan Jongbloed, goalkeeper of the Dutch national team in both the 1974 and 1978 FIFA World Cup Final.

23 August 1987

Paulo Navalho


Atlético Clube de Portugal

Suffered an acute myocardial infarction during a friendly match between Atletico and the U.A.E.'s Al-Jazira Club.

9 December 1987

Dursun Özbek



Died from a heart failure in a training match in Florya.

12 August 1989

Samuel Okwaraji



Collapsed and died while playing against Angola in a World Cup Qualifier. An autopsy showed that the 24-year-old had an enlarged heart and high blood pressure.

8 September 1990

David Longhurst


York City

Suffered a heart attack on the pitch while playing against Lincoln City. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

2 February 1993

Michael Klein


Bayer Uerdingen

Suffered a heart attack during a training session.

30 April 1995

Mukandi Tsimaya


Atromitos F.C.

Received an elbow hit in the neck by an opponent player, during a match against Panelefsiniakos. He died before going to hospital.

25 August 1995

Michael Goddard


Died during a game against Dungannon Swifts at Stangmore Park after being struck in the chest by the ball.

29 October 1995

Amir Angwe


Julius Berger F.C.

Collapsed and died on the pitch of a heart attack.

4 January 1997

Hedi Berkhissa


Esperance Sportive de Tunis

Suffered a heart attack in a friendly game against Olympique Lyonnais at Stade Chedli Zouiten

4 April 1997

Waheeb Jabara


Hapoel Taibe

Suffered a heart attack while playing against Bnei Yehuda.

February 1998

Robbie James


Llanelli A.F.C.


28 April 1998

Axel Jüptner


Carl Zeiss Jena

Died suddenly of a heart attack during training


Ferenc Biro


Nirajul Miercurea-Nir.

Died after a crossbar fell on his head during a warm-up.

24 July 1999

Stefan Vrãbioru


Astra Ploieºti

Undetected heart defect that led to him collapsing


Daniel Orbeanu


Caraimanul Buºteni

Died after an infection from a simple sprain, misdiagnosed by four different hospitals.

February 2000

John Ikoroma



Collapsed on the pitch and later died in hospital.

2 April 2000

Eri Irianto


Persebaya Surabaya

Died in hospital due to heart failure after a game between Persebaya and PSIM Yogyakarta.

21 May 2000

Hocine Gacemi


JS Kabylie

Died from a fractured skull after clash of heads.

5 October 2000

Catalin Hîldan


Dinamo Bucharest

Died while playing for Dinamo; In the 74th minute of a friendly game against Olteniþa, Cãtãlin had a heart attack, and fell to the ground. The North Stand of Dinamo's stadium is named in his honour.

29 August 2001

Serhiy Perkhun


CSKA Moscow

Suffered injury in a collision with Budun Budunov who also sustained serious head trauma. He suffered a brain hemorrhage and died eight days later.

20 February 2002

Cristian Neamþu


Universitatea Craiova

Accidentally struck in the mandible by a teammate charging towards goal. Internal bleeding was discovered, before he died one week later.

24 October 2002

Hernán Gaviria


Deportivo Cali

Struck by lightning during a training session, and was killed instantly.

27 October 2002

Giovanni Córdoba


Deportivo Cali

Struck by the same lightning that killed Hernán Gaviria, and died three days later from the injuries.

December 2002

Stefan Toleski

FK Napredok

Collapsed during a match and later died in hospital.

26 June 2003

Marc-Vivien Foé



Collapsed while playing in the 2003 FIFA Confederations Cup semi-final between his country and Colombia, and died shortly afterward in hospital. An autopsy later revealed the cause of death was hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

25 January 2004

Miklós Fehér



Died of cardiac arrest caused by hypertrophic cardiomyopathy while playing against Vitória.

29 February 2004

Danny Ortiz


CSD Municipal

During a match against CSD Comunicaciones, Ortiz collided with Mario Rafael Rodríguez. He suffered a torn pericardium and died later in hospital.

27 October 2004



São Caetano

Sudden cardiac death during a Campeonato Brasileiro Série A match against São Paulo. His death motivated a revamping of practices in medical assistance from clubs and stricter preventative measures in sports grounds in Brazil.

5 December 2004

Cristiano Júnior


Dempo Sports Club

Collided with Mohun Bagan goalkeeper Subrata Paul in the 78th minute of the Federation Cup finals while scoring his second goal. He staggered away, then collapsed. Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful and he was dead on arrival at Hosmat Hospital.


Alin Paicu


Minerul Mãtãsari

Collapsed after heading a ball. Died of a heart attack.

12 April 2005

Paul Sykes


Folkestone Invicta

Collapsed on the pitch 30 minutes into the game against Margate F.C. in the Kent Senior Cup Semi-Final. An undiagnosed heart-defect was identified as the cause of his death.

12 June 2006

Rasmus Green


Næstved BK

Suffered a heart attack during a training session and was, despite revival attempts from team mates and a doctor, declared dead upon arrival at the local hospital. The number 7 was afterwards retired in his honor.

30 August 2006

Mohamed Abdelwahab



Died from undetected heart defect during a training match.

9 September 2006

Matt Gadsby


Hinckley United

Collapsed on the pitch during a Conference North game against Harrogate Town and died soon afterwards in Harrogate District Hospital. Medical tests revealed he died from a heart condition known as Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy.

18 September 2006

Nilton Pereira Mendes


FC Shakhter Karagandy

Collapsed on the pitch during a training session with his club and died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. The Brazilian was a former top scorer and best player for the Kazakhstan Premier League.

27 March 2007

Ivan Karaèiæ


NK Široki Brijeg

Suffered a heart attack and died during a training match in Široki Brijeg, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

28 August 2007

Antonio Puerta


Sevilla FC

Collapsed during a match against Getafe C.F.. He died later in hospital after several cardiac arrests. Autopsy revealed arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy

29 August 2007

Chaswe Nsofwa


Hapoel Beersheba

Died from sudden heart failure during a training match against Maccabi Beersheba.

29 December 2007

Phil O'Donnell



Collapsed during his team's 5-3 win against Dundee United with what was later confirmed as left ventricular failure. He died on the way to hospital.

9 February 2008

Guy Tchingoma


FC 105 Libreville

Died shortly after a league game against Union Sportive O'Mbila. During the match he collided with an opponent. He managed to finish the game, but collapsed after it and medics were unable to revive him.

16 February 2008

Hervé King



Collapsed 17 minutes into a game against Three Bridges of an undetermined cause (heart attack suspected).

3 April 2008

Hrvoje Æustiæ


NK Zadar

Collided with a concrete wall during a game against Cibalia and died in hospital 5 days later of severe head injuries

31 May 2008

Rustem Bulatov


Torpedo SDYuSShOR Kaluga

Felt ill during a game, died later that day in a hospital.

15 March 2009

Jumadi Abdi


PKT Bontang

He collapsed after an incident with Denny Tarkas during the match of his club PKT Bontang against Persela Lamongan. Denny kicked Jumadi's stomach when he was trying to get the ball. Jumadi died in hospital 8 days later of severe infection.

26 May 2009

Orobosan Adun


Warri Wolves FC

Before an away match with Enugu Rangers, Goalkeeper Adun of Warri Wolves FC, was assaulted by thugs suspected to be fans of the opposition team. Slumped and died 3 days later from internal haemorrhage, during a training session.

8 Aug 2009

Daniel Jarque


RCD Espanyol

Died after he suffered a cardiac arrest following a training session.

15 November 2009

Maurizio Greco


TuS Güldenstern Stade

He collapsed during the match of his club TuS Güldenstern Stade against Lupo Martini Wolfsburg at Campers Höhe and died later in the hospital.

6 March 2010

Endurance Idahor



He collapsed during the match of his Sudanese club Al Merreikh against Alamal Atbara. He died in the ambulance. Autopsy report revealed that he suffered a circulatory collapse from a heart attack.

8 March 2010

Bartholomew Opoku


Kessben F.C.

He collapsed the day before while playing against league side Liberty. He was quickly taken to hospital and is understood to have stabilised overnight. His death was announced the next day by his club.

May 2010

Goran Tunjiæ


Mladost FC

He died from a heart attack during a 5th Division match. It was widely reported that Tunjiæ had been booked by the referee for diving, though such reports were later refuted by some sources.

2 May 2010

Ambrose Wleh


Invincible Eleven

He died from heart failiure in a match against Mighty Barrolle. He came on as a substitute in the second half before collapsing in the center circle with no other players near him. He died shortly afterwards upon arrival to a hospital in Monrovia, Liberia.

8 May 2010

Wilson Mene

Prek Pra Keila

Wilson Mene died after collapsing during a league match. He is survived by both parents and seven siblings. He played in Metfone Cambodian League at National Olympic Stadium.

12 April 2011

Lokissimbaye Loko


FC Beaumontois

The former Chadian national football player died from a heart attack during a Ligue Midi-Pyrenees match.

4 August 2011

Naoki Matsuda


Matsumoto Yamaga F.C.

Former Yokohama F. Marinos and Japan international football player collapsed during training on 2 August 2011 due to a cardiac arrest after finishing a 15-minute warmup run, and doctors diagnosed his condition as "extremely severe". After suffering for two days, he died on 4 August.

13 November 2011

Bobsam Elejiko


K. Merksem S.C.

Nigerian born player who spent most of his career playing in Belgium collapsed and died while playing a 5th tier match for K. Merksem S.C. against F.C. Exc. Kaart



Previous Winners, Runners-up and Relegated/Promoted Teams




Relegated at end of season

Promoted at end of season


Manning Rangers

Kaizer Chiefs

Michau Warriors; Witbank Aces

Santos, African Wanderers


Mamelodi Sundowns

Kaizer Chiefs

African Wanderers; Real Rovers

Seven Stars, Dynamos


Mamelodi Sundowns

Kaizer Chiefs

Dynamos; Vaal Professionals

African Wanderers, Tembisa Classic


Mamelodi Sundowns

Orlando Pirates

AmaZulu; Mother City

Golden Arrows, Ria Stars


Orlando Pirates

Kaizer Chiefs

Bloemfontein Celtic; African Wanderers

Amazulu, Black Leopards



Supersport United

AmaZulu; Tembisa Classic

African Wanderers, Dynamos


Orlando Pirates

Supersport United

Bush Bucks; African Wanderers

Amazulu, Silver Stars


Kaizer Chiefs

Ajax Cape Town

Hellenic; Zulu Royals

Bush Bucks, Bloemfontein Celtic


Kaizer Chiefs

Orlando Pirates

Manning Rangers; Wits University

Free State Stars, Tembisa Classic


Mamelodi Sundowns

Orlando Pirates

Free State Stars; Bush Bucks

Wits University, Benoni Premier United


Mamelodi Sundowns

Platinum Stars

Maritzburg United

Free State Stars


Supersport United

Ajax Cape Town

Black Leopards; Jomo Cosmos

Maritzburg United, Bay United


Supersport United

Orlando Pirates

Bay United; Thanda Royal Zulu

Jomo Cosmos, Mpumalanga Black Aces


Supersport United

Mamelodi Sundowns

Jomo Cosmos

Vasco da Gama


Orlando Pirates F.C.

Ajax Cape Town

Mpumalanga Black Aces, Vasco da Gama

Jomo Cosmos, Black Leopards

League winning managers

Season     Winner    Manager

1996-97 Manning Rangers     Gordon Igesund (South Africa)

1997-98 Mamelodi Sundowns                 Ted Dumitru (Romania/South Africa)

1998-99 Mamelodi Sundowns                 Ted Dumitru (Romania/South Africa)

1999-00 Mamelodi Sundowns                 Paul Dolezar (France)

2000-01 Orlando Pirates        Gordon Igesund (South Africa)

2001-02 Santos                       Gordon Igesund (South Arica)

2002-03 Orlando Pirates        Roy Barreto (Zimbabwe)

2003-04 Kaizer Chiefs            Ted Dumitru (Romania/South Africa)

2004-05 Kaizer Chiefs            Ted Dumitru (Romania/South Aifrca)

2005-06 Mamelodi Sundowns                 Neil Tovey (RSA) & Miguel Gamondi (Argentina)

2006-07 Mamelodi Sundowns                 Gordon Igesund (South Africa)

2007-08 Supersport United    Gavin Hunt (South Africa)

2008-09 Supersport United    Gavin Hunt (South Africa)

2009-10 Supersport                United     Gavin Hunt (South Arica)

2010-11 Orlando Pirates        Ruud Krol (Netherlands)

League records ever present since 2006/2007 season; Kaizer Chiefs, Mamelodi Sundowns, Moroka Swallows, Orlando Pirates, SuperSport United

Most PSL titles: 5 – Mamelodi Sundowns (1997/98), (1998/99), (1999/00), (2005/06), (2006/07)

Biggest PSL win: 8-1 – SuperSport United vs Zulu Royals (2003/04)

Most wins: 237 matches - Mamelodi Sundowns

Most draws: 154 - Orlando Pirates

Most defeats: 167 - Moroka Swallows

Most goals scored in a season: 73 – Kaizer Chiefs (1998/99)

Most goals conceded in a season: 85 – Mother City (1999/00)

Most points in a season: 75 – Mamelodi Sundowns (1999/00)  



12 February 2012

Stade d'Angondjé, Libreville

Zambia 0 Côte d'Ivoire 0
Referee: Bouchaib El Ahrach (Morocco) 

Penalties - 

ZAMBIA: Christopher Katongo, Emmanuel Mayuka, Isaac Chansa, Felix Katongo, Kennedy Mweene, Nathan Sinkala, Chisamba Lungu, Rainford Kalaba - missed, Stoppila Sunzu

CÔTE D'IVOIRE: Cheik Ismael Tiote, Wilfried Guemiand Bony, Souleman Bamba, Max Alain Gradel, Tebily Didier Yves Drogba, Siaka Tiene, Didier Ya Konan, Gervinho Gervais Yao Kouassi - missed, Habib Kolo Toure - missed

NB: Zambia won 8-7 on penalties after extra time

Third place play-off

11 February 2012

Nuevo Estadio de Malabo, Malabo

Ghana 0 Mali 2 (Cheick Tidiane Diabate 23, 80)
Referee: Gehad Grisha (Egypt) 
Red card: Isaac Vorsah (Ghana) 63


08 February 2012

Estadio de Bata, Bata

Zambia  1 (Emmanuel Mayuka 78) Ghana 0

Red card: Derek Boateng (Ghana 84)

Referee: Mohamed Benouza (Morocco)

Stade d'Angondjé, Libreville

Mali  0  Côte d'Ivoire 1 (Gervinho 45+1)


5 February 2012

Stade d'Angondjé, Libreville

Gabon 1 (Eric Mouloungui 55) Mali 1 (Cheick Tidiane Diabate 85) (after extra time)
Referee: Djamel Haimoudi (Algeria)

Penalties - 

GABON: Andre Biyogo Poko, Bruno Zita Mbanangoye, Eric Mouloungui, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - MISSED, Bruno Ecuele Manga.

MALI: Drissa Diakite, Mustapha Yatabare, Cedric Kante, Bakaye Traore, Seydou Keita

NB: Mali won 5-4 on penalties 

Stade de Franceville, Franceville

Ghana 2 (John Mensah 10, Dede Ayew 101) Tunisia 1 (Saber Khelifa 42)
Referee: Neant Alioum (Cameroon)

NB: Ghana won on extra time

4 February 2012

Estadio de Bata, Bata

Zambia 3 (Stoppila Sunzu 15, Chris Katongo 66, James Chamanga 86) Sudan 0
Referee: Bakary Gassama (Gambia)

Nuevo Estadio de Malabo, Malabo

Côte d'Ivoire 3 (Didier Drogba 36, 69, Yaya Toure 81) Equatorial Guinea 0
Referee: Eddy Maillet (Seychelles)

01 February 2012

Stade d'Angondjé, Libreville
Botswana 1 (Mogakolodi Ngele 51) Mali 2 (Garra Dembele 57, Seydou Keita 75)
Referee: Khalid Abdel Rahman (Sudan)

Stade de Franceville, Franceville
Ghana 1 (Emmanuel Agyemang Badu 28) Guinea 1 (Abdoul Razzagui Camara 45+2)
Referee: Daniel Bennett (South Africa)

31 January 2012

Stade de Franceville, Franceville
Gabon 1 (Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 62) Tunisia 0
Referee: Doue Nourmandiez (Ivory Coast)

Stade d'Angondjé, Libreville
Niger 0 Morocco 1 (Younes Belhanda 79)
Referee: Hamada Nampiandraza (Madagascar)

30 January 2012

Estadio de Bata, Bata

Sudan 2 (Mudather Tayeb 33, 80) Burkina Faso 1 (Issiaka Ouedraogo 90+6)

Referee: Eric Otogo-Castane (Gabon) 

Nuevo Estadio de Malabo, Malabo

Cote d'Ivoire 2 (Emmanuel Eboue 33, Wilfried Bony 65) Angola 0
Referee: Slim Jedidi (Tunisia) 
29 January 2012

Estadio de Bata, Bata
Equatorial Guinea 0 Zambia 1 (Christopher Katongo 68)
Referee: Mohamed Benouza (Algeria) 

Nuevo Estadio de Malabo, Malabo
Libya 2 (Ihab Al Bouseffi 4, 84) Senegal 1 (Ndiaye Dembe Ndiaye 9)
Rajindraparsad Seechurn (Mauritius)

28 January 2012

Stade de Franceville, Franceville
Botswana 1 (Diphetogo ‘Dipsy’ Selolwane 23 pen) Guinea 6 (Sadio Diallo 15, 27, Abdoul Razzagui Camara 42, Ibrahim Traore 45+3, Mamadou Dioulde Bah 84, Naby Soumah 86)

Bouchaib El Ahrach (Morocco)
Red card: Patrick Motsepe (Botswana) 45+2

Ghana 2 (Asamoah Gyan 63, Andre ‘Dede’ Ayew 76) Mali 0

27 January 2012 

Stade d'Angondjé, Libreville

Niger 1 (William Tonji Ngounou 7) Tunisia 2 (Youssef Msakni 4, Issam Jemaa 89)
Referee: Janny Sikazwe (Zambia) 

Gabon 3 (Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 77, Daniel Cousin 79, Bruno Zita Mbanangoye 90+5) Morocco 2 (Houcine Kharja 24, 89 pen)
Referee: Bakary Gassama (Gambia)

26 January 2012

Nuevo Estadio de Malabo, Malabo 

Sudan 2 (Bashir  33, 74) Angola 2 (Manucho  5, 50 pen)
Referee: Ali Lemghaifry (Mauritania)
Côte d’Ivoire 2 (Salomon Kalou 16, Bakary Kone 82 own goal) Burkina Faso 0
Referee: Gehad Grisha (Egypt)

25 January 2012

(Original kick-off time was pushed back due to the delay of the Libya/Zambia match)
Equatorial Guinea 2 (Randy Iban Iyanga 61, David Alvarez 90+2) Senegal 1 (Moussa Sow 89)
Referee: Khalid Abdel Rahman (Sudan)
Red card: Laurence Doe (Equatorial Guinea) 90+3

Nuevo Estadio de Malabo, Malabo

(Original kick-off time of 17H: 00 GMT was delayed due to heavy rain)
Libya 2 (Ahmed Saad 4, 48) Zambia 2 (Emmanuel Mayuka 29, Chris Katongo 54)
Referee: Koman Coulibaly (Mali) 
24 January 2012
Stade de Franceville, Franceville
Ghana 1 (John Mensah 25) Botswana 0
Referee: Badara Diatta (Senegal)
Red card: John Mensah 66
Mali 1 (Bakaye Traore 29) Guinea 0
Referee: Slim Jedidi (Tunisia)
23 January 2012
Stade d'Angondjé, Libreville
Gabon 2 (Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 30, Stephane Nguema 44) Niger 0
Eddy Maillet (Seychelles)
Morocco 1 (Houcine Kharja 86) Tunisia 2 (Khaled Korbi 34, Youssef Msakni  75)
Referee: Daniel Bennett (South Africa)
22 January 2012
Nuevo Estadio de Malabo, Malabo
Côte d’Ivoire 1 (Didier Drogba 41) Sudan 0
Referee: Rajindraparsad Seechurn (Mauritius)
Burkina Faso 1 (Alain Traore 58) Angola 2 (Mateus 48, Manucho 66)
Referee: Mohamed Benouza (Algeria)

21 January 2012
Nuevo Estadio de Malabo, Malabo
Equatorial Guinea 1 (Javier Balboa 86) Libya 0
Referee: Noumandiez Doue (Côte d'Ivoire)
Senegal 1 (Dame Ndoye 74) Zambia 2 (Emmanuel Mayuka 12, Rainford Kalaba 21)
Referee: Neant Alioum (Cameroon)




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